After the coronavirus, the tourism industry will play an important role in the national reactivation as a catalyst for regional economies.

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus on the tourism industry raises a question that for many is very difficult to answer: What will the path of the reactivation of the sector look like?

One of the keys to the new scenario will be the preference for national destinations, which will be the focus of the proposals offered to Argentine travelers.

“Despite the great impact of the pandemic in the sector, the passion for traveling is highly established among Argentines. That is why we believe that the reactivation will begin with national tourism, because people will choose places where they have greater knowledge of the health situation and, therefore, greater confidence, ”said Paula Cristi, manager of Despegar Argentina and Uruguay.

This will also be very important to promote the economic recovery of the country, due to the stimulating effect that tourism has on regional economies.


  1. Short trips and nearby destinations
  2. Outdoor experiences
  3. Sanitary security
  4. Digitization of the services of your accommodation, agency or restaurant

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