Connect with your customers and keep them informed through the Newsletter. Don’t let them forget about your business. Anticipate their needs and create campaigns for ephemeris, parties, etc.

The famous Newsletters can increase your sales and improve your brand image. Also called E-Mail Marketing or sending mass e-mails, it is one of the most effective digital Marketing tools.

In this article we are going to discuss how you can put together an effective newsletter sending strategy, what are the key points to keep in mind, and what are the typical errors when sending.

What is the sending of Newsletters for?

Sending newsletters allows us to:

  • Keep our clients and potential clients informed: Whether it is about new launches, new services, price lists, or simply being present when a client may be needing to replace merchandise or contract a service.
  • Increase the frequency in which they see your brand: Let’s remember that a person has to see your brand 4 to 6 times to start generating presence in their mind. Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola not only because it is the richest, but because it is the one that has most often been on the mind of its potential customer – through advertising. When people go to the supermarket, they simply choose it because it is very present in their head. The same goes for digital marketing.
  • Generate interaction with your website or landing page: Newsletters are not just static brochures. They must be interactive and allow different actions by the client.

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