In the world of digital marketing, the importance of social media is well known. For the past couple of years, the number of “social media managers” and marketing specialists using these sites has increased. Today, it is essential that a digital marketing strategy includes the use of social networks because they have become an invaluable resource to reach an increasingly wide audience.

The problem is that, as their popularity grew, so did the number of social networks. Facebook and Twitter ceased to be the only representatives, now other social networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, among others, cannot be left out. So how do you know which one to choose? What is the best social network for my company?

In order to solve these questions, the first thing we must do is define the profile of the company and the audience it wants to reach. This should be done because, with the exception of Facebook, most social networks have a very specific type of user, so they allow you to reach different audiences using different types of offers. The following descriptions of each network will help you evaluate which ones you should consider for your company:


It will always be a good idea for your company to have a Facebook profile, no matter what type of user you want to target, it is by far the social network with the most registered and active users at the moment. Facebook’s demographics are highly varied, encompassing users of all ages, interests, and geographic locations. A profile here will help your company gain visibility, build customer loyalty, communicate news, and make your company known to a larger audience.


If you want to target only professionals, companies and businesses. LinkedIn is the social network you need. In general, a profile on this social network will not help you reach the final consumer, but it will be very useful to promote business and commercial relationships. The best way to use LinkedIn is to recruit staff, find collaborators, and foster professional relationships with other brands.


Twitter is the microblogging social network where content is disposable and fast to consume. 70% of its users connect through their phones and the vast majority use the platform to share recommendations and criticisms of services and products. An account on this social network will be perfect if what you are looking for is to communicate with your audience quickly or, if you wish, answer questions and comments.


You can also use Instagram, a social network that has grown more than the previous ones in recent times, it can also help you expand your reach. It is structured to create a community around your brand, which not only allows you to reach your customers, but also search for collaborators. In addition, an Instagram profile will improve the positioning of your brand and give you more visibility.

In summary

So, as we can see, each social network can be used for a certain purpose. The one that is best for your company, will depend a lot on the profile of customers you want to target and the way in which you would like to reach them. There is no better social network than another, there is the right social network for your company, you just have to take into account your company profile and that’s it! You will be prepared to choose the social network that works best for your business.