4 keys to reactivate Tourism

After the coronavirus, the tourism industry will play an important role in the national reactivation as a catalyst for regional economies. The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus on the tourism industry raises a question that for many is very difficult to answer: What will the path of the reactivation of the sector look like? One of the keys to the […]

Now is the time

If you are like us, you have seen the best series on demand, we have video calls, you are full of the deportation routine at home and you do not have any ideas, to think about how we are going to leave this situation and how we will be stopped when all vuelva al ruedo. Inform about your activities and […]

Boost your website with Social Networks and vice versa

In the world of digital marketing, the importance of social media is well known. For the past couple of years, the number of “social media managers” and marketing specialists using these sites has increased. Today, it is essential that a digital marketing strategy includes the use of social networks because they have become an invaluable resource to reach an increasingly […]

Ingredients for your Digital Marketing Strategy

When we want to face a digital strategy, we usually don’t know where to start. There is too much information, tools, and each company performs different actions. They recommend us to be on Facebook, Instagram, etc. But are these the first actions we should take? If you are planning to launch a strategy in the online world, keep these keys […]

What Digital Experience are you offering to your Clients?

All digital experiences are valuable. Every effort to make your Hotel or Inn known today is necessary That is why we offer your inn the possibility of turning all your digital experiences (web, social networks and portals) into a concrete and successful Digital Marketing Strategy. Reach new customers with a web page prepared to position you among the first results […]

A Powerful Tool – Email marketing – Newsletter

Connect with your customers and keep them informed through the Newsletter. Don’t let them forget about your business. Anticipate their needs and create campaigns for ephemeris, parties, etc. The famous Newsletters can increase your sales and improve your brand image. Also called E-Mail Marketing or sending mass e-mails, it is one of the most effective digital Marketing tools. In this […]