When we want to face a digital strategy, we usually don’t know where to start. There is too much information, tools, and each company performs different actions.

They recommend us to be on Facebook, Instagram, etc. But are these the first actions we should take?

If you are planning to launch a strategy in the online world, keep these keys in mind:


I chose a concise strategy. You don’t want to be everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, have a blog. Where to start? It is convenient to choose two or three actions that are related to each other, and not want to cover everything. For example, start with an advertising campaign on Facebook, develop a landing page – the page that the user reaches after clicking on a link or banner – and make (at least) one post per month on Instagram.

Don’t just think about sales. Whenever you face a digital strategy, you are thinking of actions that help increase your sales or get new customers. But it is not always the best strategy. People want to experience EXPERIENCES. Offer them information about how well they can have it, about the sun in your paradise, about the view, about what cannot be seen in a photo (the breeze, the aromas, etc). This will help them imagine themselves there at your inn and want to contact you immediately.

Don’t make a website with too much information. Your clients are not going to spend more than a few minutes on your website (if they even enter). Therefore, you have to be as accurate as possible in your communication. It is recommended to make One Page sites (of a single page), to avoid that your client has to make many clicks to find what he is looking for.

The digital strategy must be cross-platform. Both advertising, your website and your Instagram posts must be viewed efficiently on mobile devices (cell phones and tablets). 55% of people will see them through them. Focus on the font size being legible, the large images and the buttons being easily clickable.

Let your clients and potential clients choose how they want to contact you. Give them all the options, and they choose how to contact you: by phone, e-mail, contact form and online chat. Ideally, they should be on the first screen of your website.

No marketing strategy is effective without good monitoring. Make sure you have someone who responds quickly to inquiries. The speed and simplicity of the answers are key to the sale. You will have to react faster than a traditional sale. If you don’t have good sales tracking, there is no effective digital strategy.

Take actions in the short, medium and long term. The future is digital. Although it is convenient to start with targeted strategies in the short term to see concrete results and trust digital, do not forget that, as with your general strategy, you have to bet on the long term. There are investments that will not have an immediate return, but the future will increasingly go digital. You cannot stay outside. Take advantage and position yourself on the Internet before your competitors do!