More trust and better reputation for your website.

An SSL Certificate allows you to generate and increase trust in your visitors through two key characteristics.

Without an SSL Certificate, Google Chrome, Firefox or any web browser will show that your site is not secure.

Encryption of data sent and received:

With the use of the https protocol, all the information exchanged between the visitor’s device and the server, travels encrypted. Thus, if intercepted, it would be totally unreadable for the attacker.

Website authentication:

SSL Certificates are also responsible for proving the authenticity of the website. Visitors can access the certificate information and thus ensure they have entered the authentic website and not a counterfeit, created with the aim of stealing their data.

All SSL Certificates include

Certificate seal

The visible mark that will show your visitors that they are protected.

100% Compatible

It works with all major browsers and mobile devices.

SHA-2 encryption

2048 bits and ECC cryptography, the most advanced and secure technology.

Improve your positioning

Google will better position your website in its search results.

Free installation

No installation cost in any hosting service.

Technical assistance

24/7 support to always be protected.

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